FLIP takes burgers to another level

FLIP takes burgers to another level

David F. Godfrey

If you are looking for a good burger, then look no further. FLIP Burger Boutique, now with two Atlanta locations, offers delicious gourmet burgers at reasonable prices that even college students can afford.

Located at 1587 Howell Mill Road, GPS is essential when navigating toward FLIP’s west midtown location. Do not let the crowded, urban landscape fool you. Positioned on the corner of Howell Mill Road and Verner Street, right across the street from an old tire shop is a fun, modern and upbeat hotspot.

The owner, Richard Blais, arguably Atlanta’s most notable Chef, is the “Bill Nye” of burgers. Blais’s use of “molecular gastronomy” creates fun and interesting burgers and shakes that keep customers begging for more.

At an average price of 15 dollars, FLIP’s burgers range from seven to 21 dollars. Blais’s ingredients, sounding a little like something out of a science fiction novel, include Swiss cheese foam, Coca-Cola ketchup and compressed vegetables.
It also seems necessary to mention the milk shakes, which by the way, are frozen using liquid nitrogen and are delightful.

Seemingly misplaced, creative and delicious foods combined with a contemporary atmosphere make FLIP a great destination for college students. When visiting FLIP Burger Boutique remember to have an open mind and an empty stomach