Voice yourself through voting

Voice yourself through voting

Dear Editor,

As the result of recent media reports and research of my own into the major political policies and issues we currently face, I feel I should bring to the forefront of the attention of other Georgia Highlands students the intense need for action.

All American adult citizens have the right to vote. I have come to find many of those citizens let that right, which was furiously fought for by our ancestors, simply go by the wayside.

From what I have learned, I realized as young college students who plan on becoming educated and successful we are the perfect demographic to realize it is imperative we reflect our opinions through casting a vote. The absence of our voice through failing to vote allows others to have total control over our futures.

Current policies in question such as immigration, education and health care directly impact our lives and those of our own children because we are the future of America.

I urge each of you to research, register to vote and most importantly become an active voter. Most decisions we hold important we make after careful deliberation and exploration of options. We should use this same process in the action of voting.

Kacie Wilson
Early Childhood Education
Cartersville Campus