Search committee is accepting applicants for position of permanent Georgia Highlands president

Search committee is accepting applicants for position of permanent Georgia Highlands president

Matthew Massey

Georgia Highlands continues the search for a new college president.

Ten faculty members, two civic leaders and one student make up the Presidential Search and Screen Committee for Georgia Highlands College.

Assisted by Parker Executive Search, a search firm hired by the Board of Regents, the committee is tasked with finding and interviewing candidates.

Once the search committee has narrowed down the applicants, it will make recommendations to the Board of Regents’ Special Regents Search Committee, who will then begin their own version of applicant screening and interviewing. After the special committee has made the final selection, the name will be sent to Chancellor Hank Huckaby for final approval.

Teresa Hutchins, search committee chair, said, “This process should be finalized during the summer.” She went on to say, “We should, if everything works out, have a new president by next fall.”

The Presidential Search Committee was announced Jan. 8, 2014. After the announcement, it began the search Feb. 3 by recruiting and asking for nominations.

Currently, Renva Watterson has been serving as interim president since the retirement of previous president, Randy Pierce in 2011.

According to Parker Executive Search’s website, “The Search Committee invites applications, inquiries and nominations for this position.”

Although applications will be accepted until the position is filled, parties of interest are encouraged to have their applications submitted by March 17.

Once the applications have been reviewed the committee will begin on-campus interviews that will run throughout April and into May.

The committee has created a web page about this process which is updated regularly, to keep students and community informed during the search process.

Also included on the webpage is a section for students and other parties of interest to fill out a four question survey in regards to what they would like to see in a future GHC president.

While the process must remain confidential, Hutchins affirmed that the committee will be as transparent as the process will allow. “We strongly encourage feedback,” stated Hutchins.

“While there are no hard dates set, we plan on hosting town-hall style meetings for feedback and involvement,” she said

Though faculty and staff have priority, the committee plans to host a town hall for the student body as well.

A list of all committee members, contact information, updates and an area for feedback is available at