Availability of parking at Paulding causes issues for students and others

Availability of parking at Paulding causes issues for students and others

Kati Wall

Students, administrators and local businesses have different opinions about the parking spaces at the Paulding campus.

A GHC nursing major, stated, “The parking is too far from the building, and if you get here late there are no spaces left.”

Cathy Ledbetter, Paulding campus dean, said that there is no problem with current parking availability.

Ledbetter stated, “I want students to understand that there are multiple parking areas available to them.”

She continued, “There are currently 277 spaces available and only 200 students on campus at our busiest time of day.”

She recommends students visit the Paulding campus website, click on the “maps” tab and familiarize themselves with the available student parking areas.

An informal survey of class sizes in SCORE shows over 300 students enrolled in  9:30 and/or 11:00 a.m. classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays could be looking for parking.

Lyric Sprinkle, student life coordinator, suggests students should leave home a few moments earlier in anticipation of a short walk into the building.

Sprinkle also pointed out that if a student were attending a large university he or she would be required to walk much further to classes.

Sydney Chumbley, undeclared major, said, “I got a citation for parking in a faculty spot, but the letters were faded and I couldn’t tell.”

Chumbley stated she appealed the citation and never received a response.

David Martinez, SGA chairman, stated, “The rules are cited in the student handbook. Students should know all of these rules and abide by them. If they don’t, they should expect consequences.”

Illegal parking not only effects faculty, whose reserved spaces are often taken by students, it also impacts business in the square.

Darlene Aikens, waitress at Corner Café, said, “Students often park in handicap spaces. Most of my customers are older people. They either can’t come or struggle to walk up here because they had to park so far away.”

Aikens said that small businesses are all greatly impacted by students filling the limited number of public spaces in the square.