Cartersville athletes ready to hit the field

Cartersville athletes ready to hit the field

Shelby Hogland

Liz Prance, GHC softball player and sophomore, has big expectations for her team in this upcoming season.

Prance said, “We should be able to make conference tournament and make it to Vegas in the spring.”

The team placed third in conference and region last season, missing the championship by two runs. Prance said that one of the team goals this spring is to win as many conference games as possible.

Prance stated, “The sophomores have to play every game like it’s our last because it is our last season at GHC before we all transfer on.”

She said that the sophomores will be an important factor because they have played all the teams before and are familiar with the opponents’ key players.

Prance added, “This year we have way more depth having nine freshmen that are very athletic and have caught on quick, so we should be able to make it even further than we did last year, which is what we are hoping for.”

She continued, “Our biggest rival will be ABAC because they put us out in the region tournament in two very close games,”

Prance knows her teammates “are ready to get back on the field,” and she can’t wait to see what they accomplish this spring.

Freddie Beamon, GHC baseball player and sophomore, is also optimistic about his team in the upcoming season.

Beamon expects the team to be successful. “We have a great group of guys that know how to win and will do whatever it takes to do so,” he said.

Beamon’s goals are to be a good leader and do whatever he can to help the team win.

The team’s goal for the season is to win a championship. Beamon stated, “Everybody knows we’re not just trying to get to the playoffs. Coach Marra set a high bar in the fall to win a championship.”

Beamon continued, “The difference from last year is the team as a whole. You wouldn’t even recognize this team from last year’s. We have so many new guys from all over the country. It’s great because they all have the same mind-set and that’s to win.”