No practice? No problem!

Shelby Hogland

On Feb. 28, the Georgia Highlands’ softball team defeated Darton State 5-2.

The game was played at F. Carter Davis Memorial Field instead of Stars Field due to the inclement weather across the region. With the snow still melting, the team was forced to move the game.

Kayleigh Medlin catches the ball for an out, Feb. 28. Shelby Hogland.
Kayleigh Medlin catches the ball for an out, Feb. 28. Photo by Shelby Hogland.

The snowy weather also prohibited the team from being able to practice in preparation for the conference game.

The Lady Chargers took the lead in the first inning and managed to hold the lead without any opposition until the fifth inning when Darton finally put some points on the board, ending the fifth inning with Chargers in the lead 3-2. GHC went on to score another two points in the sixth inning and finished the game in the seventh inning.

Sierra Cagle, GHC sophomore and catcher for the Lady Chargers, hit a homerun in the sixth inning, helping three teammates make it home.

“It was tough not being on a field for an entire week before our conference opener, but the girls found a way to get us two big time wins” stated Melissa Wood, softball head coach.

She continued, “Liz Prance and Karlie Jarrett played unbelievable defense and Kayleigh Medlin continues to crush the ball.”

The Lady Chargers went on to beat Darton State again that day with a score of 5-1.

The second game started out slow with no points on the board until the fourth inning when Medlin hit a homerun, putting three points on the board.

Prance, sophomore and corner for the Lady Chargers stated, “They weren’t necessarily pretty wins, but considering we haven’t been on the field in over a week, our defense did well, and we got the key hits when needed.”