GHC annual ski trip enrollment

GHC annual ski trip enrollment

The 37th annual ski trip is scheduled for Jan. 2-6. This trip offers two credit hours for spring semester 2017.

Ken Weatherman, professor of physical education, stated, “This is a good opportunity to complete two credit hours before the spring semester starts.”

A student may enroll in this program for academic credit by registering for PHED 1420, Beginning Skiing/Snowboarding or PHED 1421, Intermediate Skiing/Snowboarding.

A student who enrolls will also need to register with the PHED Office on the Floyd and Cartersville campuses or through Student Life at other campuses.

The registration deadline is Tuesday, Dec 5. Payment is due in full by the registration due date.

A portion of the fee, $135, is non-refundable.

The price for this trip ranges from $359-$623, depending on the number of students per room and equipment rental fees, according to Weatherman.

Included in the trip are five sessions of skiing/snowboarding with instruction from the French-Swiss Ski College at Appalachian Ski Mountain in Boone, N.C.

More information can be found online at or by contacting Weatherman at 706-295-6353 or 770-546-0585 or at [email protected]