Why we should stand for the nation’s anthem

Why we should stand for the nations anthem

Epiphany Huff

I am a 21-year-old who lives in Dallas, Georgia. For the last few years I have been in the U.S Air Force serving as a Security Forces member.

I loved every aspect of what my job entailed. I loved going to qualify for my weapons at the firing range, loved knowing that if anything were to go down I had a chance to be a first responder and possibly save a life. Not many people will experience the fulfilment of being a part of something bigger than themselves and possibly having a chance to help keep people safe. It’s the best feeling I have ever experienced.

As a member of the armed forces I would like to express my opinion on kneeling during the national anthem. I firmly believe that there’s a time and place for everything.

If you are wearing any kind of uniform such as a military uniform, that of any first responder or professional athlete, I strongly believe that you should stand during the national anthem no matter the circumstance. You are representing something much bigger than yourself and need to think about your actions and how they will affect you and your organization in the long run.

You also have to remember that everyone’s eyes are on you, so it is harder to get away with doing something that you probably shouldn’t.
If you are not wearing any uniform, I would like you to think about what you are protesting. What are you representing when you are kneeling? What message are you trying to send?

I hope you will consider my views on kneeling during the national anthem and think about what I have written.