Some Floyd parking updates

An outside company re-painted the Floyd parking lot recently. Large sections of it were taped off and students had to park further from campus. While this was happening, the main parking lot was closed for the weekend.

The asphalt was painted and all the lines were redone, leaving the parking lot looking brand new. Officer Paul Mansfield said Floyd is the only GHC parking lot getting done. As Mansfield was looking at Google photos from May 2008, he said, “It’s been at least a decade since any updates have been made to this parking lot.”

Another change that can be seen in the Floyd parking lot is a blocked exit. All summer, the exit from the big parking lot was blocked by orange cones. Now there is a permanent blockade stopping vehicles from using it at all. Mansfield said no accident happened but it was intended to be a preventative measure. When students were running late, they would enter the exit. This is potentially dangerous, so proper precautions had to be made.

Further updates will be made for the rest of the parking lot until the whole has been repainted. As such, students can expect further mild interruptions to their day in the coming weeks. Some Floyd parking updates

Screenshot 2019-10-08 at 4.07.17 PM