Fantasy football leagues a popular option for spectators

Fantasy football leagues a popular option for spectators

Now that the NFL season is underway, Fantasy Football captures the attention of some GHC students. The hobby means different things to different people; for some players it’s a fun game to play with friends and for others it’s an entire lifestyle.

GHC student, Tius Baillio, a Fantasy player since 2015, said, “I like the fact that anyone can win, and you have to find ways by moving players around in your lineup to win.”

In this virtual football game, each player must constantly substitute players in and out of their lineup due to bye weeks and injuries. An injury or a last-minute suspension will often require players to make a quick substitution to an available player.

With a plethora of scoring methods and ways to play, every league is a little different. League sizes vary from eight to eighteen people, so both small and large groups play together.

In every fantasy league there a few different types of players.

Some fantasy players aren’t very passionate about their lineups.

Others religiously watch the waiver wire for new pickups and substitute players.

A final group known as “the smack talkers” is usually found in the leagues with friends and includes much bragging between every game play.

Highlands student and 5-year fantasy veteran, TJ Choat, said, “My favorite thing about fantasy football is when you’re in a league with all your friends and get bragging rights and can talk some junk.” Fantasy players often play in more than one league per season.