New transfer partnership with GCSU

Brianna DeSantiago, Staff Writer

GHC has teamed up with Georgia College and State University to offer GHC students the opportunity to finish their bachelors with GCSU. This created a new program called the “Pathways to Georgia College.”

GHC students are guaranteed general admission to GCSU but not necessarily admission to a specific major that may have enrollment limitations. The GSCU advisors will work with students to encourage participation in majors where there are current openings at GCSU.

GCSU is a liberal arts college located in Milledgeville, Georgia. Tours can be scheduled to learn about student life, tuition and more.

Students interested in graduating from GHC with an AA/AS and transferring credits to obtain your BA/BSN must first contact a GHC advisor and complete an “Intent to Transfer” form. Students must have completed the last 30 hours of their 60 or more GC transferable semester credits at GHC and must have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 in transferable course work.

60 credit hours would be transferable to GCSU if the student covered all areas of GHC core curriculum and graduated with an AA/AS from GHC.

“Students will begin at Georgia Highlands and transfer seamlessly to Georgia College after completing an Associates degree with a 2.5 transfer GPA.” said Emily Poulk, transfer admissions counselor of GCSU. “Georgia College offers a wide variety of Bachelor’s Degree programs that Georgia Highlands students can transition to after completing their two year degree.

This partnership also brought a few scholarship opportunities to GHC students intending to apply to GCSU. Georgia College has identified $5,000 worth of Provost Scholarships for transferring GHC students. The provosts will work with the deans and faculty to create collaborative academic experiences for students in the program. This will allow for undergraduate research. Additionally, GHC students may also be eligible for a number of additional scholarships in their specific area of study depending on academic performance.

This agreement also allows GHC to send GSCU lists of students who are on track to graduate with an AA/AS degree and GSCU will write letters to current students who have the potential to be considered for the “Pathways to GCSU” program.

As a part of this agreement, GCSU will provide an advisor who will visit GHC locations once a month to assist students and answer questions about the college. GHC students are encouraged to visit to learn more information about the college.

“This agreement is new and there is much more we wish to pursue with GCSU,” said Donald Green, President of GHC. “I need to express my thanks to Dr. Costas Spiro, provost at GSCU, and Dr. Dana Nichols, provost at GHC, for their work on drafting this agreement