Admission for upcoming semesters


Nya Roden, Staff Writer

The covid-19 pandemic may have moved student learning online until fall of 2020, but GHC enrollment numbers for summer and fall still look promising, said school officials.

GHC and the University System of Georgia’s 26 institutions will continue to deliver instruction remotely during both the May and summer semesters,” said GHC President, Don Green, in an email to students on April 2.

Vice President for Advancement, Mary Transue, said that the pandemic will not decrease the institution’s summer registration rates. 

Erin Nicholson, Admission Counselor for the Douglasville instructional site, said she is also not seeing changes in summer enrollment. 

“People are still signing up for orientation,” Nicholson said. 

Nicholson has not seen much withdrawal among the GHC student population. “We are operating as usual,” Nicholson said.

Nicholson explained that the impact of the pandemic is being felt by the admission staff in how documentation now has to be turned in digitally. Otherwise, said Nicholson, the Admissions Office is operating as usual, with no major adjustments being made.

“I would ask that students be patient with us. The Admissions Office will do everything they can to help students during this time,” said Nicholson.  

Nicholson urges all GHC students to not be disheartened despite the new changes that are currently taking place. She also encourages those interested in attending GHC to enroll to apply now.

As a member of the University System of Georgia, GHC is now waving SAT and ACT scores due to the pandemic along with all other USG institutions. Students do not have to submit their test scores at this time. 

“USG institutions are tentatively planning to return to normal on-campus operations for the fall semester should guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Georgia Department of Public Health allow it,” Green said in the same April 2 email to students.

GHC students and interested applicants may contact Admission Counselor, Erin Nicholson, via email at [email protected] with specific questions.