Wade to play for Wichita State


Trevin Wade, GCAA Player of the Year, signed to play basketball for Wichita State this fall.

“It stuck out to me because obviously my brother is there and also it would make it easier on my parents,” Wade said. “Another big factor was Coach Tyson Watermon. He really believes in my game and the rest of the coaching staff is great.”

Wade had the challenge of trying to be active in the recruiting process during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It was definitely not easy,” he said. “Coaches were calling all day every day. I couldn’t see coaches face to face or take visits. I took a virtual visit with a couple of schools, but I kind of couldn’t get a feel for it because of that. It’s nothing like going to a school for a visit and getting the full experience of how it’s going to be and imagining you playing for that school.”

Wade also chose to announce his commitment on Twitter to obey social distancing laws.

Wade said that he would tell incoming freshmen to be ready to work.

“Everything is a grind,” Wade said. “You are going to be hit with adversity everyday, so accept the challenge and be great.”

Wade said his biggest influence at GHC was Coach JJ.

“He is a great coach but more a great guy,” Wade said. “He wants his players to be successful. The life teachings he gave me was great and exactly what I needed to hear.”

Jamal Burke, another Charger, is working through the remote transfer process. He remains undecided on where he will go. Burke has narrowed it down to five choices: Old Dominion, Redford, Eastern Michigan, Southern and Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.

During his time at GHC, Burke said that the biggest thing he has learned is himself.

“It was really eye opening how much I have changed during all of this,” Burke said.

He added that his favorite memory at GHC was when he grabbed 17 rebounds against South Georgia Technical College this past season.