Study tips for final exams

Study tips for final exams

Amy Chavarría

Unsure of how or when or even where to start studying for final exams? Check out what staff, students and tutors advise for the upcoming May finals.

Tatyana Pavluscenco, assistant professor of mathematics, recommends the following, “Ask your instructor for a final review guide (if at all available) well in advance before the semester ends. That will help you to determine whether you need help on some of the concepts you struggle with. That’s just the first tip.”

Tutor Lejone Ehran says that, “I would mention studying, but I guess that’s implied. When you get to the last few weeks, just review what you already know. Take a week break before the exams.”

Freshmen Jesse Peeple and Shari Aladin both stress the importance of finding a suitable, environment to study in. Freshman Cherrelle Sullivan says that “completing the study guide, coming to class on a regular basis and studying, studying, studying” helps her prepare. However, literature professor, Richard Bombard, instructor of english gives further detailed tips for studying. He states that determining your learning strategy (knowing whether you are a tactile or visual learner) greatly helps with how you will study. Bombard states that he is “a tactile learner. I would rewrite my notes. For me, I would study in chunks. Don’t cram.”

These tips, if followed, should help any student who is eager to excel in their academic pursuits.