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By Erica Baker
[email protected]
Guest Columnist

As I near the end of my studies at Georgia Highlands College, I notice more and more student complaints about the core curriculum. They say there are too many unnecessary classes or the courses require too much effort. Students question why they cannot just get started with their major.

The answer is no one in this world is just given something for nothing. Demonstrated effort is required. Yes, we must complete the core to eventually gain passage to our preferred classes. How else can a student prepare for upper-level college curriculum or the real world? How can students prove to the university system that they have the initiative to earn their degrees?

We don't expect paychecks with no work, so we should not expect formal degrees with no challenging courses.

The courses in the core are all designed to build upon one another, culminating in a well-rounded and extremely informative foundation. They are not there just to take up space. I promise all students that if they cannot write a simple essay or perform a basic algebraic problem, they will find it nearly impossible to communicate or perform effectively in their upper-level courses. Better yet, how can one accomplish anything in life without basic skills such as communication, logic and reason?

The bevy of English, mathematics, humanities and science courses are exactly how students may build these necessary skills, whether their majors are business, nursing, criminal justice or even undecided.

We need English to communicate and speak as intelligent human beings. Yes, there is purpose in writing an essay about television violence or your summer vacation, and speaking in front of strangers is often a necessity in school and beyond.

History reminds us of our past so we can prepare for our future. Science helps us understand our natural world and our place in it. Mathematics helps us perform logically and efficiently in a world driven by numbers and the status quo.

The list goes on and on. Psychology, sociology, political science and more are all applicable to society as a whole.

I appreciate every single thing I have learned at GHC. I will be the first to admit that I have complained in the past about how long it was taking me to finish. But, it is up to me and me only. The more I accomplish, the stronger and smarter I become. I understand why teachers expect so much of me. I should expect the best of myself.

Administrators, professors and instructors at GHC are not here to waste your time or theirs. They know what it takes to be a successful student. They all were students and some still are. They have come so far with hard work and determination. They are scholars and masters of their subjects. Take your chance to learn from them rather than arguing and looking for an easy way out. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

I do not mean to sound preachy, and I do not think I know everything. I do know that we are adults. We are responsible for our education, lives and futures. We are not in high school anymore!

We are at an extreme advantage to change the world. No matter how corny it may seem, knowledge is power. So, suck it up, study and do the work. You will be prepared for the future. Remember what Bill Gates said, "If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss. He doesn't have tenure."