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Inside April 19th, 2005's Issue

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Students celebrate last ‘Georgia Highlands College’ Spring Fling

By Amanda Cordle
[email protected]
Staff Writer

Travelin’ Max and conga line. Travelin’ Max and a strong breeze welcomed students to Spring Fling 2005 with “Life’s a beach and then you transfer” as this year’s theme.

For the first time in the last five years, students were able to hold the annual celebration outdoors since stormy weather held off until late evening.

Free food and fun abounded.

Several students took out their frustrations inside of the gigantic, blow-up boxing ring, and others raced through the obstacle course.

Organizations on campus set up several booths offering games or treats for students.

The Baptist Student Union served up free juice, punch and water.

TRASH Peer Educators allowed students to take a wild walk wearing “drunk goggles” and enter a drawing to win a dart board.

Tossing a Frisbee into a bucket got students candy from the “Old Red Kimono.” To win a summer fun basket students could write a haiku for “FC Bytes,” or by playing Phi Theta Kappa’s trivia game they could select from an assortment of prizes.

To keep up students’ energy while partying, Red Bull was on campus giving away free samples of its energy drink.

Students Erik Turner and Phillip Breaux spent the day grilling hamburgers and veggie burgers for all the students. Afterwards Turner entered into the boxing ring for a few spirited rounds with his brother, Rodney Turner.

Another rousing competition was between English professor Carla Patterson and sociology professor Susan Claxton on the obstacle course. Claxton dove right in for a great start, but Patterson emerged victorious. “I smoked her,” declared Patterson.

Travelin’ Max entertained and involved the crowd with numerous competitions. He gathered students from the crowd to compete in girls against guys singing competitions and started conga lines.

There was also a dance competition in which couples had to squeeze into a single t-shirt and do their best to stay in step with the music.

Freshman Vanessa Gibson from Cedartown said, “Spring Fling is awesome. I loved singing on stage.”

Max also passed out free maracas, hats and leis.

Click here for more great Spring Fling photos!


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