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Inside October 14, 2003's Issue

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Heritage Hall offers renovated health labs

By Julianna Hunt
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Staff Writer

Heritage Hall offers renovated health labs

The health science labs at Heritage Hall received a well-deserved face-lift over the 2003 summer break. The nursing lab underwent renovations, and the dental hygiene clinic was relocated from Keelway Drive to Heritage Hall.

The newly renovated nursing lab is utilized by Georgia Highlands College's 203 nursing students as well as by 20 State University of West Georgia and 21 Kennesaw State University nursing students. Twenty-eight students utilize the dental hygiene lab and clinic.

The nursing lab now has three semi-private rooms and three private rooms, unlike the previous six semi-private rooms it had before. One of the private rooms is similar to what would be found at a hospital, and the other two rooms resemble those in a doctor's office.

The lab is equipped with four adult mannequins that students use to practice their clinical skills on. Specialized mannequins include an obstetrics mannequin that gives birth and Chester the Chest, which is a torso mannequin to practice tracheotomy care on.

Other features of the lab include IV pumps, IVAC thermometers like those found in hospitals and a nurse's station. An audio visual room in the lab houses three computers, two interactive computer stations and two TVs and VCRs along with sounders that are used to teach students the different lung and heart sounds.

Andrew Crosley, a nursing student from Calhoun, said, “The lab and equipment help us practice skills in a simulated hospital environment.”According to lab coordinator Christine Hicks, the lab was set up and furnished with the idea that in the future the lab could be used as a clinic for the faculty and staff.

Hicks also stated that the estimated cost of the renovation was about $100,000. The funding was a joint effort between Floyd Medical Center, Redmond Regional Medical Center, Cartersville Medical Center and the State of Georgia.

The dental hygiene program now occupies one end of the second floor at Heritage Hall. “Very nice” are the words used by dental hygiene student Amber Parham of Lafayette when describing the new dental hygiene clinic. Parham also commented that the facility is up-to-date and like what would be seen at a dentist's office.

Not only did the dental hygiene program change locations at the beginning of the semester, but the old seven-chair clinic has been replaced with a 10-chair clinic that has room to expand to as many 16 chairs in the future.

There is also a dental hygiene lab with mannequins that is utilized by the first-year students to practice the skills needed for their profession.

According to Donna Miller, director of dental hygiene, the new set-up allows for both first- and second-year students to be present at the same time.

The program also offers clinical dental hygiene services to the public, including cleanings, oral hygiene instruction and x-rays. The cost is $30 for adults ages 13 and older and $20 for children 12 and under. Patients are seen by appointment on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m.

Anyone who would like an appointment may call the dental hygiene clinic at 706-295-6760.


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