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Inside February 18, 2003's Issue

Former Students of Georgia Highlands College

Daniel Bell is New GCPA President

Miss Deaf Georgia Opens Up

SGA selects new secretary, plans more changes

By Eric Rose
Staff Writer

It is a year of changes for the Georgia Highlands College Student Government Association (SGA). In addition to their new adviser, new student life director, John Spranza, they have also selected a new secretary, Sandy House. Sandy House, the new SGA secretary

The group selected House as secretary due to scheduling difficulties with theprevious secretary Kim Cornett.

House said she looks forward to the new job.

"I want to get the job done. Whatever our goals are, I want to reach them," she said.

House was formerly a senator with the SGA. Amit Patel, SGA president, said of House, "Sandy had been working very hard since fall semester. She had been very committed to her job."

With House no longer in the SGA senate, there are currently no SGA senators.

The SGA constitution mandates two senators to represent each satellite campus. The current SGA members feel that the position of senator is unnecessary.

"I think the constitution is okay except for the provision for the two senators from each campus. I think we will work on that," said Patel.

Patel explained the lack of senators is because "nobody wants to be a senator."

"I never really knew the job of senator anyway," said House. "I was just a part of the SGA, and I was pretty much doing the work of the SGA secretary already."

Currently, students and professors of the satellite campuses plan events without representation of the SGA.

"We want to go and contact them, but when we get out of class it will be too late," said Patel. "It's too hard, but we're working on it."

"They would benefit from having someone to represent them. The problem is finding that person," said House.

Placing a vice president of special events on each campus is a potential remedy, according to Patel. "When the Bartow campus is ready, they might have a VP over there too," he said.

According to those interviewed, the main focus of this year's SGA is accomplishing goals to "leave their mark on the college."

Patel said the SGA set its goals for the year at their first meeting. "Most of our fall semester goals we achieved. We're now working on spring semester goals," he said.

The main goal that the SGA officers intend to achieve is getting a new mascot. They feel that the current mascot, the Georgia Highlands College Charger, doesn't represent the school.

"Our new mascot should be the Patriot because our school colors are blue, white and red," said Patel. "We have been looking at things we needed and things that needed to be changed...It is important to be remembered for the mascot," he said.

They hope to have the new mascot approved by Dr. Randy Pierce, Georgia Highlands College president, by March.

Patel explained that the SGA wanted to rush the change in order to be able to present it at Spring Fling and Honors Night.

The attempt to change the mascot is one of the ways the members of SGA want to "leave their mark."

"It (the mascot) will be there for the rest of the life of Floyd College," said Patel.

Another of the SGA's goals for the semester is hosting the events that they have planned. In addition to their annual spring event, Spring Fling, this year they are working on an event for non-traditional students.

According to Patel the event will be for non-traditional students who do not have enough time to spend with their children.

"We wanted to give them time to spend with their children at school," he said.

House and Teela Davis, SGA vice president of special events, are planning the event.

According to Patel there will be movies, games and free food, and the event will "introduce a day when they can get to know people and staff."

Another SGA project is the Campus Beautification Project. Patel said that one proposed aspect involved "beautification of the campus with fountains and fish."

He said that the plan was to create somewhere where people can go outside to read and relax. The project would also involve planting trees around campus.

This project will be discussed in a meeting with plant operations. Patel explained that the SGA and plant operations will have to go over the budget and decide if the money is there to go ahead with the idea.

The SGA officers hope to reach out to students through the events that they have planned. "We plan events to bring students in; every student at Georgia Highlands College is a member of the SGA," said Patel.

Patel offered encouragement to students who are interested in becoming involved with the SGA to come to their meetings.

The SGA meetings are open to everyone. The SGA meets on Mondays from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Student Life Conference Room.

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