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Inside February 22, 2005's Issue


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"Boogeyman" is stupid; don't waste time/money

By Ashley Morris
[email protected]
Staff Writer

"Boogeyman" is nothing to be scared of.

Among the other 17 horror films that are coming out this month, "Boogeyman" and "Constantine" are the only ones that seem to have any promise to scare, or at least be any good.

Let's just say "Boogeyman" didn't live up to anything. It's a bunch of close-ups on doorknobs and creaky sounds meshed with some quick camera moves.

Despite all that, it's just not scary.

This film stars Barry Watson from the television series "Seventh Heaven." He's a wuss on the show, and an even bigger wuss in the movie.

Watson plays Tim, a grown man who has been scared of the Boogeyman since his father mysteriously disappeared (apparently taken by the Boogeyman) when he was a child. So ever since then, Tim has been scared of opening doors and closets.

When his mother dies Tim, goes to his old house to prove his fears wrong, but just as we'd suspect, the Boogeyman is back and after him, and a few of his girlfriends, too.

There's a bunch of waiting for something to happen throughout the first two-thirds of this movie.

Then the last act seems like everyone who participated in the movie just threw their hands up in the air and said "screw it!"

For example, some creepy little girl is out in Barry's tool shed waiting to talk to him.

I don't know about you, but the tool shed is the first place I go when I want to talk to someone.

It's just stupid!

Basically, it's the single oldest trick in the lame-o horror book: when you have no REAL scares for your regulars, it's best to just throw a bunch of loud noises and flashing lights onto the screen.

A good word for it is anticlimactic (or just crap) and it leaves you with a "That was it?!" kind of attitude.

So unless you feel like being disappointed, I suggest you just wait for "Constantine" to open featuring Keanu Reeves.


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