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Inside February 22, 2005's Issue


Arena football is coming on strong in Georgia


Intramural 5-on-5 basketball action heats up the gym game by game

By Becky Crooks
[email protected]
Staff Writer

Seth Ingram, a political science major from Cedartown, takes a shot for the Angry Sheephearders.With the first game played on Feb. 2, intramural basketball is underway.

During the first game, the Real Splitters defeated the Slackers 43-41. Orlando Morgan led the Real Splitters with 18 points, while Blake Pattillo had 24 points for the Slackers.

In the second game that day, the Angry Sheephearders (that is the correct spelling) defeated Trailer Trash 44-20. Stephen Mink and Tim Smith led the Angry Sheephearders with 15 points each.

On Feb. 10, the games started with a match between the Slackers and Trailer Trash. During the first half of the game, the Slackers were playing short handed, missing Ammar Abdellatif, but not seeming to lose any momentum. The score was 25-20 at halftime with the Slackers in the lead.

Tim Smith, an education major from Rome, (right), goes for the ball. The only drawback to the Slackers' first half was when Eric Hopper and Pattillo, who both play for the Slackers, found themselves fighting over the ball. The officials didn't know how to call that foul.

Abdellatif made it in time for the second half. The second half was also dominated by the Slackers, who never lost the lead. The final score was 68-38.

Excited from winning the game, Pattillo said, "I'd like to thank Ronnie Kelly for all his great assists."

During the second game of the day, the Angry Sheephearders took on the Real Splitters. It was a tight and equally matched game from the beginning.

The Angry Sheephearders played hard, even when Seth Ingram answered his cell phone while the ball was in play.

The lead was passed back and forth between the teams, but the Angry Sheephearders held onto the lead into the second half.

Phillip Breaux, a special education major from Lyerly, plays defense. The Real Splitters had their fifth player show up during halftime, which gave them the advantage in head count. Sterling Peace made a 3-pointer tying the game at 35-35, and this also seemed to boost the Real Splitters' confidence a little.

After that, everyone was on the edge of their seats wanting to know who could win this "duel." When the final buzzer went off, everyone exhaled, and the Angry Sheephearders modestly smiled in victory with a win of 45-44. Smith said it best, "Everybody played hard; we just got lucky."

The next basketball game will be played 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 23 in the gym.


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