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Inside February 22, 2005's Issue


Letter to the Editor...

I can't spell, but I sure can count!


As one door closes, another opens

Jason Sapp

Through My Eyes
By Jason Sapp
[email protected]
Guest Columnist

It seems to me life, as in all parts of it, continues in cycles. My personal school cycle since I was 18 was to go to school for a little while and then drop out. By accepting a new sales position with long hours, I am once again continuing my cycle.

I will miss writing articles for the "Six Mile Post." I hope you have enjoyed reading my articles as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Much like the Phoenix, I will one day rise again from the ashes to continue my education. I have promised my mom that I will graduate college by the time I am 60.

So when your children or grandchildren are attending Georgia Highlands College, have them pick up a paper and maybe you will again see my face on it.

Before leaving I would like to publicly thank Dr. Kemper for the time she spent with me both years ago, turning a smart alec kid into a writer through her motivation and journalism classes, as well as the endless amount of hard work she puts in to this day teaching students how to become reporters. I respect her for her passion for the "Six Mile Post" and its writers.

I would also like to thank Sam Chapman, "Six Mile Post" editor, who has offered advice without being pushy and support through missed deadlines and extended word counts. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Sam, I believe you have found your calling, so good luck. I know you will go far.

There are many experiences to be had in this lifetime. Remember the life clock is ticking so we had better get started and experience everything that we can. And as a good friend of mine always says, catch you on the rebound.


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