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Inside February 22, 2005's Issue


'SMP' wins 19 awards from State Press Assoc.

Cultural Awareness Society plans trips

FC/Darton College medical lab tech student scores high

Deadline for Bahamas trip fast approaching

Peer educators plan to poll students on alcohol/drug use

Financial aid refunds sent later than many colleges'

Maymester and summer student advising and class registration to begin soon


Board of Regents imposes new exemption rules for Regents' Test

By Randie Mayo
[email protected]
Staff Writer

The Board of Regents has imposed new exemption rules for the writing section of the Regents' Test.

The Board of Regents made the decision early this year. The policy is being instituted at Georgia Highlands College in spring semester of 2005.

According to Phyllis Chunn, coordinator of the Assessment Center, the new exemption rules consider SAT and ACT scores and grades from English 1101.

Now a student is exempt from taking the writing test if he/she earns either an SAT I score of 530 or higher and an "A" grade in English 1101, or a 590 on the SAT I and a "B" in English 1101.

The rules also apply to the ACT. If a student receives an English score of 23 or higher and earns an"A" in English 1101, or has a ACT English score of 26 or above and a "B" in English 1101, the criteria has been met.

According to Regents' policy, students enrolled in transfer degree programs are required to pass both parts of the Georgia Regents' Test before a completing 45 semester hours of credit unless they are exempt from taking the test based on the Board of Regents' rules.

The new exemptions policy is effective immediately and applies to all students. "As long as the students have the appropriate grades, no matter where they received them, they do not have to take the test," Chunn said.

According to Chunn, students taking the Regents' Writing Remediation classes who now qualify for exemption are allowed to drop the course. "It's up to them whether they want to drop out of the class," she said. "However, there is a possibility that dropping out could impact their financial aid and full time student status."

The exemptions were the result of a study to find a correlation between the SAT and ACT scores and success on the Regents' Test.

Students and teachers have mixed views on the policy. Rita Lee, an early childhood education major from Buchanan, said, "I think it's a great idea because some students won't have to take the test over and over again."

Kim Yarborough, an English major from Rockmart said, "It sucks because it was installed too late for the rest of us."

"It's a nice thing to do for students," said Dr. Adetutu Abatan, an assistant professor of English at Georgia Highlands College. "I think it will encourage students to do better in English and will help ease test anxiety."

The summer Regents' Test will be given on July 12, at 9 a.m., 1 p.m. and 6 p.m on FC's Rome campus. The last day to register is June 17.


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