Thanksgiving is no longer about family


Abby Chesnut

The spotlight on Thanksgiving is often shifted to Black Friday and retail discounts instead of the meaning behind the holiday.

Tami-Ann Treasure, Opinion and Editorials Editor

Thanksgiving should be known as the holiday where families gather to eat delicious meals and commemorate all that they are grateful for. Even before migrating to this country, I always held the sentiment that it is a precious family holiday with Black Friday being a plus.

Now it seems the focus has shifted from spending time with family to which brands can give the biggest discounts to maximize their profits.

The statement ‘capitalism has ruined Thanksgiving’ is quite relevant. Capitalism is the reason why stores are filled with Christmas items right after Halloween rather than after Thanksgiving.

“I do think turning holidays like Thanksgiving into another opportunity to buy stuff takes away some of the magic of the occasion. Consumerism is never the way I prefer to celebrate,” GHC Professor of English, Julia Reidy, said.

Art by Bree Messenger

Even with inflation on the rise, it’s hard to not believe that Black Friday shopping will be impacted. 

“I do believe this year will be impacted by inflation. I think most families are tightening their belts this holiday season,” Dr. Sheila Bennett, GHC professor of health sciences, said.

It would be wise for everyone to take a frugal approach, but some companies are more concerned about profit. Thanksgiving should be about bonding with family and not about where the biggest deals can be snagged.

With the current cost of living being so high, understandably, some people will be delighted to indulge in the cheaper prices.

Black Friday sales may be intriguing to some, but there are some not phased by the façade. 

“I am not concerned with Black Friday. I have never been a Black Friday shopper, so inflation has not changed that,” Katie Brown, a health science major at GHC, said.

While I have indulged in Black Friday shopping in the past, I have no intent to do so this year because inflation prices are no true deals. Thanksgiving has been and always will be a special day reserved for the family, and never about shopping.