A Kimono in the Cove and Anti-Cool Crowds

Laila Li McCleery, Podcast Producer & Host

In this week’s episode, April Cole (Editor of the Old Red Kimono) co-hosts Sights and Sounds with Laila Li McCleery to discuss the intricacies of the ORK’s new digital submission option Students from across the nation are now able to digitally submit stories, artwork, and more surprising mediums through the Georgia Highlands-based media magazine! Laila informs about a live music event this Wednesday, November 23rd at 8pm at the Cosmic Dog Outpost in Rome, GA.

GHC Site – The Old Red Kimono: https://sites.highlands.edu/old-red-kimono/

ORK Substack: https://sites.highlands.edu/old-red-kimono/

Cosmic Dog Outpost Facebook Event: Bedside Pond LIVE at the Outpost!