GHC has outgrown Southern Poly site

David F. Godfrey

With the big move rapidly approaching, students and staff members are likely to find themselves speculating on the possible impact of this type of transition.

From left: Christian Johnson, Ana Laden Mack, and Chelsie Okpodu gather at GHC’s Marietta campus.

Ben Taylor, who teaches political science at Marietta, expressed his concerns that certain aspects of the student life and college experience currently present at the Marietta campus could potentially be lost.

As of right now, no final deals have been made, but students can anticipate the move to take place during the 2012 summer semester.

The new GHC facility is expected to have around 45,000 square feet, which according to Pierce, is more than four times the amount of space currently being used at SPSU.

Georgia Highlands also hopes to preserve its relationship with SPSU to allow students to continue enjoying amenities such as housing, SPSU’s student center, library and recreational facilities.

Smyrna City Council members recently approved a proposal to issue a bond totaling over $2 million that will fund improvements to the proposed site.

Although the bond is to be paid off over the course of the 10- year rental agreement, GHC maintains that tuition will not be affected by the move.

Along with all the obvious benefits, the new campus should be even more accessible due to public transportation.

Presently, all parties involved are awaiting approval from the Board of Regents before any final preparations can be made.