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Karlee’s Corner – Which team will you be on?

Karlee’s Corner - Which team will you be on?

When drafting begins for professional athletes, we always wonder who exactly is going to go to which team. While watching the draft, have you ever thought about how the coaches pick the players they want on their team?

This came up in a discussion I had with a friend a few weeks ago. He used to play football at Berry before coming to Georgia Highlands, so, naturally, being the sports editor, I talk to him about sports-related topics from time to time.

He started talking about how coaches will look at someone big and intimidating before looking at someone who is smaller and talented.

Now, I’m not saying that all coaches use this method. I know that talent level is a huge factor when it comes to competitive sports, but think about it.

If you are playing football, which guy would you be more afraid to cover? The tall, big guy who might crush you with his giant calf muscles or the average guy that you have a better chance of tackling.

If I were a football coach, I would have the bigger, intimidating guys covering the average sized guys that are phenomenal athletes so they can focus on moving the ball and not being tackled.

I’m definitely not saying that bigger athletes aren’t talented or that they aren’t an important asset to the team because that definitely isn’t the case. Most athletes have a larger frame. Just look at the GHC basketball team.

Every single one of those guys towers over me, and their talent level is through the roof.

There are many different sports that are only based on size, wrestling for example. Those guys have to lose and gain weight in a short amount of time just to stay in their weight class.

For students who aren’t very sports savvy, this relates to everyday life, and it teaches a lesson.

You may be a fantastic artist, writer, accountant, chemist or whatever it is you want to do in your professional life, but you may not be the exact thing that your potential employer is looking for.

It’s all a matter of what team needs you the most.

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