C’ville to test out late start classes this fall

Cville to test out late start classes this fall

Chazmyane Griffin

This upcoming fall semester the Cartersville campus will offer late start classes.

According to Leslie Johnson, Cartersville campus dean, the college has decided to offer these late start classes because data analysis shows that students who register right before the start of the semester have more difficulty maintaining their GPA.

Jon Hershey, dean of Humanities, hopes that these late-start options will allow students to have a better chance at college success and counter act the disadvantages they may have had otherwise.

Johnson said that there will be several course offerings for late start including learning support math, English composition 1, American government and psychology among others.

She hopes that offering these courses after the semester’s initial start will allow students to purchase the necessary textbooks, manage other obligations and enroll in classes that are usually full.

Cartersville students support this decision by the college.

Cartersville student Erica Guise believes that it will truly be beneficial because some students have issues that prevent them from signing up for classes beforehand.

Tare’yana Davenport, another Cartersville student, believes that some students tend to procrastinate sometimes so this late start option will hopefully allow them to still be successful in their courses as they have a bit more time to get prepared.

“If the late-start options are successful in the fall semester, then the plan is to continue offering these courses in the spring semester,” Johnson stated.