LBGT+ community: fight for acceptance

LBGT+ community: fight for acceptance

Studies have shown that Millennials are more likely to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender than previous generations. While there are many Americans who are accepting of the LGBT+ community, there are still signs from previous as well as current generations that highlight a need for education in the community.

In the 21st century, people are more tolerant of things that would have been taboo decades ago. Even so, there is still a tendency for clashing opinions to evoke hateful and ignorant language.

Every day younger generations are exposed to their peers, people on the television, the internet or even in their own households throwing around the term “gay” in places it doesn’t belong. The word often becomes an insult that is made to sound shameful.

Differing opinions on the LGBT+ community and gay marriage are inevitable, but the way that opinion is expressed has the potential to be permanently damaging for those who are developing and trying to come to terms with who they are in such a quick-to-judge society.

There are many different branches of sexuality and gender that not everyone is aware of. Even a vague understanding of these many orientations could ease a person or the person’s friends and family into a better understanding of what someone is experiencing. It could also help get rid of some common misconceptions about the community.

We are all created equal, but not with equal opinions. Billions of people of all types and orientations inhabit the Earth, each one with an individual personality and beliefs. It is up to each of us to decide whether we want to fight against our fellow humans, or with them.