Cheers to echo in gym this year

Cheers  to echo in gym this year

This year’s cheerleading squad made its debut at the men’s game on Friday, Nov. 4, in Rome.

They then cheered on the men and women during the games on Tuesday, Nov. 8, also in Rome.

According to Phillip Gaffney, athletic director and men’s head basketball coach, the cheer team lends a certain presence to the games.

He said he thinks the squad “makes for a good atmosphere” and “makes for an exciting atmosphere” during the games.

There are three new coaches for the cheerleading squad.Susan Claxton, professor of sociology and human services coordinator, and head coach; Donna Mantooth, part-time professor of psychology; and Erin Kingston, biology instructor, have big plans for the squad.

Claxton said one of the main goals the squad has set for the year is to appear at all of the home games.

She said the group is looking to maybe incorporate some halftime programming and sideline cheerleading.

She also explained that the cheerleaders will be working more with the mascot on game day.

Claxton said that the team’s coaches will guide and coach the group but the final decisions regarding the squad will be in the hands of the members.

Claxton said, “It is their organization.”