About Southern Poly

Dear Editor,

I was reading Six Mile Post last week and there was an article written by David Godfrey about Georgia Highlands College outgrowing Southern Poly Site. When I first enrolled into GHC, I was warned about the Marietta Campus. I was told the parking was a nightmare with all of the Southern Poly students trying to park as well. Someone I knew compared it to Kennesaw State University’s campus; Crowded and over populated. I was told that not all GHC students were welcome at all parts of SPSU buildings. However, I am not sure that it is true since I have never been to the Marietta campus. If it is true I agree that the movement of GHC from Marietta SPSU campus to a campus in Smyrna. It would be very beneficial to students in the future.


Paige Nabers

Business major

Kennesaw, GA