About the Occupy movements

Dear Six Mile Post,


I wanted to take this opportunity to write you this letter concerning about the occupy movements. Many people in this community are not aware of the reason for the occupy movement. The Six Mile Post is a good format in which students can obtain further knowledge concerning this movement. I am an avid reader of this newspaper and what I have noticed about the stories that are posted is you go in depth when elaborating on the subjects and give great detailed descriptions.

The occupy movement is a powerful statement made by the American people against the governments inability of helping the people. People across the country and the world are using their voices to bring a change in their government and economic situations. It has been a long time since you’ve seen a union of people willing to stand against the authorities to achieve a significant change throughout the country. Authorities who use aggressive tactics to subdue the protestors are in the forefront of the frustration and how there are needed changes to make this country prosper. My opinion is this a significant movement of this young generation.

The Occupy movement is a big deal to our generation and deserves more of an in depth view of how these protestors are fighting to make changes in the government. The Six Mile Post can be a format that can educate the students and give them a better understanding of this situation. You have avid readers of this newspaper that can benefit from this information. There is probably a student who is directly affected by the protest, a family involvement or a friend involving themselves in this protest.


Ikenna Onwuliri