Sea Turtles claim 2012 championship

The Intramural Basketball season came to a close on Tuesday, March 20 with True Grit facing off against the Sea Turtles.

Sea Turtles (from left) Jonathan Jean, Adam Green, Fabian Maciel, Cody Shepherd, Junior Virgile, Cord Price and Hong Wong, winners of the 2012 Intramural Basketball Tournament, display their championship shirts.

In the first half of the game, True Grit exhibited a good defense but was no match for the surging Sea Turtles.

Fabian Maciel led the charge and scored an impressive 9 points in the first half.

Trailing closely behind was Cody Shepherd with 7 points, followed by Cord Price with 3 points leading to a total of 19 points for the Sea Turtles in the first half.

True Grit answered with 8 points from DeMaurius Morgan. Caleb Freeman trailed him with two points. Justin Tippet of True Grit said, “Our shots were bouncing off the rim. If we had got them in, we would have won.”

In the second half of the game the Sea Turtles led the floor with Cody Price scoring 6 points and Junior Virgile scoring 2 points. Maciel and Jonathan Jean both scored 2 points with free throws. True Grit racked up the penalties in the second half with a total of 11 fouls called against them, contributing to the Sea Turtles 31-24 win.

Price said, “We played good. Both teams really hustled. It was the hardest game of the season. We beat them after losing to them twice during the season, so it was a big victory for us.”