Football and family focus of Thanksgiving fun

It is November, which means college football and the NFL are in full swing.

By the time Thanksgiving comes around every year, a lot of teams and fans have an idea of how their seasons are going to end. For some teams, the championship/postseason hopes are alive and well, but for other teams, fans are already looking forward to next year.

This year the NFL Thanks- giving slate starts off with the Bears and Lions at noon. That game will be followed by the Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills in the late afternoon window, and the night will cap off in Atlanta with the Saints vs. Falcons.

The Saturday following Thanksgiving starts the biggest weekend of the year in college football. Many of the

big rivalry games take place that weekend — such as the iron bowl, UGA vs. Tech, FSU vs. UF and Michigan vs. Ohio State — will have the attention of football fans nationwide.

Just as many students and their families will be traveling to celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones, foot- ball teams across the country will be preparing to put on a Thanksgiving show.

Every family celebrates Thanksgiving differently. Some families eat and watch games religiously while others spend their time with activities or vacations.

GHC student David Bigger spends his Thanksgivings watching football and enjoying the day with his family. “We try our best to keep football separate from the holiday because it could easily ruin the whole day,” says Bigger. In a house with many football fans, the day could get hectic with all the action going on.

“We never unplug because we know everyone there would be interested in the game as well as conversing,” says Bigger Tius Baillio also spends his holiday with family around the TV. He says his family has found a “pretty good balance between sports and family time.”

“We always like to look back the next day to reflect how great it was to spend time with the people we love and watch the sport we love the most.” says Baillio.

Art by Julia Belew
Art by Julia Belew