Students speak at GCA event


Photo by Lynsey Sutton Speakers Georgia Hamby, Erica Simpson, Carson Graham and Scout Hodgins speak at conference.

Lynsey Sutton, Staff Writer

GHC hosted the 90th Annual Georgia Communication Association Conference on Friday, February 21 and 22. The conference started out as a way for high school speech teachers and college professors to help students prepare for college. More recently, it has shifted to be more college focused and research based.

Every year the conference is held at a different school. This year GHC outbid Dalton State University and was chosen to hold the conference.

Panel 124 focused on the topic, “How do we maintain positive relationships in spite of conflict?” Erica Simpson, the chairperson and three GHC students, Scout Hodgins, Carson Graham and Georgia Hamby discussed the causes, effects and management of interpersonal conflict.

Simpson asked the audience what they think is the most common cause of conflict in interpersonal relationships. Many answers went around including miscommunication, money, not listening and trying to change, or even fix, someone.

Each student spoke on a different relationship conflict. Hamby spoke on a friendship conflict. Graham talked about a romantic relationship conflict. Hodgins shared about family conflict.

After the students shared their testimonies, the audience got to ask questions and give input. The audience offered different approaches to these situations.

The panelists said that relationships need constant renegotiation of expectations and roles. It is important to have the awkward conversations that no one wants to talk about or even bring up, because if pain is felt after a conflict, that means the individual cares about that relationship.