Summer scholarships and less fees


The USG is removing some fees for the summer semester.

“That drops the fees students must pay during the summer from nearly $600 to around $200,” said history professor Bronson Long. “It is now more affordable than ever to take summer classes at GHC.”

Though the coming semester will look different for many students because of the transition to remote learning, GHC is working with students to bring the best experience they can offer during these times. They are offering many scholarships for the summer semester.

The GHC Foundations scholarships have an approaching deadline of April 26. If students have submitted a fall/spring application, a new application will need to be submitted for summer.

There are scholarships for students in different stages in their college career, including freshman through senior year, non-traditional, nursing and students with different backgrounds.

To read more about eligibility requirements and complete applications, students can visit the GHC website.