GHC sports stuck in dead period until Jan. 4

All GHC sports are in a dead period after moving all sporting events to the spring semester due to COVID-19.

Under normal circumstances, the majority of teams at Highlands would’ve already started their seasons. Unfortunately, 2020 has been everything but normal.

All of the Charger’s teams will be able to resume practices on Jan. 4.

Georgia Highlands athletic director, David Mathis, said that the dead period is “where teams are not in their 20 hour a week practice time. We will resume that for all sports on Jan. 4,” said Mathis.

Mathis also said that the men’s and women’s basketball and baseball teams’ schedules are being revised. The only solidified schedule is the lady charger’s softball schedule, who will start their season on Jan. 29.

This dead period allows GHC’s student athletes to rest, study for final exams and prepare each team for their upcoming games.

Chargers 2nd baseman, Palmer Sapp, said that having time off let’s him and his teammates train their bodies for a 56 game schedule and spend time with their families.

“A 56 game schedule is no joke. Making sure your body is ready for the long haul is very important. We were also able to see and spend time with family that we may not be able to see until after the spring semester,” said Sapp.

Each of these teams will also be competing in the height of the pandemic.

Chargers basketball forward, Langston Wilson, said that he and his team are prepared for this season, despite the pandemic concerns.

“We’re locked in. We’ve taken the proper precautions and are really ready to play more than anything,” said Wilson.