Federal Work Study jobs available to students

Kaitlin Guess, Guest Writer

There are multiple positions open in the Federal Work Study Program at GHC.

According to the GHC website, “the Federal Work Study Program provides jobs for undergraduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.”

Many students are unsure about how the Federal Work Study Program works. 

To be eligible for Federal Work Study, “Students must have completed this year’s FAFSA, must be eligible for the Pell Grant and must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours,” Ana King, GHC Financial Aid Counselor, said. 

Once eligible, students can apply by going to the GHC Federal Work Study website.

If the application is accepted, the interview process will begin. If the student gets the job, they can work on or off campus in a job that is related to their course of study. 

Students are allowed up to 19 hours a week depending on program funding and department need.

A student that is currently working in a Federal Work Study position at GHC is Samantha Donato, who has taken on the role of library assistant. 

“There are many benefits to working in the program,” Donato said. “The work environment is extremely supportive and there is an abundance of major-focused experience to gain.” 

“It’s the perfect part-time job for a college student,” Maya Arnold, another GHC Federal Work Study student, said. “I enjoy it. It’s an easy commute considering I already attend classes on campus.”

With all the possible benefits, why aren’t more students applying for these Federal Work Study positions?

There are a handful of possibilities behind why more students aren’t applying for these Federal Work Study positions. 

“It’s a combination of everything,” King said. “It has a lot to do with campuses closing due to COVID as well as e-learning becoming more of the norm.”

Lisa Garret, GHC Financial Aid Senior and Counselor, said it could be as simple as getting the word out more. 

“It’s possible that the students simply don’t realize that the jobs are open,” Garret said. 

“As we go forward, I believe more students will be on campus; therefore, more students will be applying for the work study jobs,” Garret said. 

“I am here to provide help with the Federal Work Study program to any student,” King said. “We look forward to seeing more students on campus, as well as more students in Federal Work Study positions.”

For questions about positions at GHC or help with applications, please contact Ana King at 706-204-2346 or [email protected].