Douglasville campus’ new art club open to all creative minds

Douglasville campus’ new art club open to all creative minds

Matthew Massey

GHC’s new art club on the Douglasville campus is dedicated to bringing creative students together to foster artistic growth and community.

“I wanted to establish a place where creative students could find one another,” said Holly Chaney, president of the new art club. She continued, “A lot of us are not here seeking an art degree, but we still have a passion for creating.”

Chaney stated, “I am hoping that as a group we can learn from one another and further our personal abilities through sharing what we know.”

The art club plans to be all encompassing, covering multiple areas in the subject. Chaney welcomes artistic diversity, saying, “We all have unique abilities and whether a student has an interest or passion for photography, graphic design, cartooning, painting, fashion design, jewelry making and so on, we are interested in sharing and growing those interests with them.”

The club is planning to hold monthly meetings, but a date is yet to be set for the first meeting.

Students can find more information on flyers located around the Douglasville campus or by emailing Chaney at [email protected]. Students from all campuses are welcome to attend.