Karlee’s Corner – Take advice from a pro: Go for it!

Karlees Corner - Take advice from a pro: Go for it!

Karlee Helms

If anyone has parents like mine, college was already going to be a part of your life. No questions asked. But what happens if something major happens while earning a degree? What would you do if you got an offer to play in the NFL, NBA or even the MLB while still in college?

This happened to Danny “DJ” Ware while playing football for the University of Georgia. After completing a successful career in the NFL, Ware has made the ultimate decision to return to UGA to finish his degree in Housing.

“You have to go when it’s your time to go. If you have the opportunity to go on to the next level in sports, I encourage you to go, but at the same time you can always go back and finish your degree,” Ware said.

This is the DJ I grew up knowing. He was smart and funny, but most of all he was motivated to go professional with football.

If you have the chance to go pro in whatever your heart desires, you should do it.  I mean, who would turn down a record deal or a modeling contract? If you want it bad enough, go for it. No one is stopping you except for that little voice in your head we call doubt.

Yes, education is important, and that’s something that no one can take away from you, but if you want to do something bad enough, then go for it!

Now, if your dream is to sit around and eat pizza while watching endless Netflix movie marathons, then I suggest you stick to the books, but if you have a chance to make money doing what you love, then you’re already set for a successful professional life.

School will always be available, but that offer is only there for a limited amount of time.

Take advantage of the opportunities you are given because I can guarantee that in five years you’ll look back and wish you did.