Fuller House springs up nostalgia in 90’s kids

Kristin Lane

The 90’s were full of Dunkaroos, boy bands and awesome TV shows. Some of the shows that have had a huge impact on kids in that generation were shows like “Full House,” “Fresh Prince of Bel-air,” “The Amanda Show” and many more. Some of these shows are classics and still have an impact on kids now, which is why it was no surprise to hear that there would be a spin-off show of “Full House” called “Fuller House”.

The original show stole the hearts of almost everyone in the 90’s and has become one of the most talked about shows of our generation’s time.

Some people confessed that they were nervous the new show, “Fuller House,” would not be able to fill the shoes of the original show. However, this show was not made to fill the vacant hole that “Full House” left in our hearts when the series ended. Its purpose is to create a new set of memories.

The show starts off similar to how “Full House” started its first season. D.J. Tanner-Fuller, the recently widowed mother of three, is found in a difficult place. She is trying to work full time, mother her children and figure out how to go on with life after her husband passed away.

The family comes together and Stephanie, D.J.’s sister, and Kimmy, D.J.’s best friend, decide that they need to do their part in helping out D.J. This show is filled with tons of laughs, love and heartwarming moments.

While it does not take the place of the original “Full House,” it does give us plenty of chances to reminisce about the Tanners and keep our hearts yearning to be a part of their family. This show receives a grade of ‘A’.