RIFF Film review for “Everything’s for Sale”

Greggory Karnes

R. Phillip Maxwell, executive producer of "Everything's for Sale". Photo by Greggory Karnes.

The Rome International Film Festival’s short drama “Everything’s for Sale” was made in Atlanta, Ga. over the span of five days.

At Ed’s Appliance Emporium the owner, Ed, emphasizes “everything is for sale.” But even considering the range of products for purchase, not enough is being sold to remedy the debt that Ed is in.

Given his financial state, he has grown quite accustomed to dodging collection calls from unknown numbers, until one woman, who insists she isn’t a collector, expresses a concerning amount of knowledge about his life and family.

He finally hears her out after she makes a gesture of good faith, a large payment on his credit card balance that carries but one liability. He is not to inform his wife. That’s when this story starts going south as his nox benefactor implements a cryptically literal translation of his slogan.