Unveiling the ‘skeletons’ behind the mystery door in Douglasville

Cole McElroy

This door, never witnessed ajar, at Douglasville is a puzzle to students. Photo by Cole McElroy.

A “mysterious” door at the Douglasville campus has come to be known as the “Douglasville Door.”

This door is located at the right entrance of the campus; it is the farthest door to the right.

No one really seems to know what this door is or what purpose it serves. It only leaves one to speculate what could be on the other side.

The door has been in existence since the opening of the Douglasville campus. Yet, no has ever known where the door leads, much less been through it.

The only thing one can see through the door (if anyone dares to look) is an empty, dark and desolate room, presumably covered with dust.

Maybe this is a door that leads to a secret hideout where professors can go hang out after teaching their classes. Or, possibly it goes to a place where there is free food and drink and students can do as they please.

Finally, the details concerning where the door leads or what its purpose could be are still up for debate. For all one knows it could hold students prisoner who don’t complete their homework assignments. Maybe it’s an alternate universe where there is no homework and every student gets an A in all classes.

You will just have to plan a visit to the Douglasville campus and find out for yourself.