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Matthew Vaughn infiltrates the silver screen with his newest project

Argylle, a spy comedy thriller film directed by Matthew Vaughn, follows Elly Conway, an author who uncovers a life-altering secret about herself.

She finds herself entangled in a mission that mirrors the plots of her novels, where she encounters Agent Aidan Wilde, portrayed by Sam Rockwell, along her journey.

Wilde and Conway embark on a series of wild adventures in their quest to dismantle a corrupt spy organization.

The revelation of the true identity of Agent Argylle is arguably the film’s most captivating aspect, catching most audiences off guard.

The movie features some intriguing visuals reminiscent of Matthew Vaughn’s other work, such as ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’.

Although some viewers, like film reviewer Chris Stuckmann, were disappointed by the CGI.

In a YouTube video review, Stuckmann stated, ‘I do think there’s a bit of an overuse of CGI elements. Especially the CGI elements that are sometimes utilized around the stunts do distract from what I think is the beauty of these stunts.’

The film showcases a packed cast delivering exceptional performances. Bryce Dallas Howard, in particular, shines as Elly Conway.

The action sequences stand out as highlights of the film, bearing the trademark Matthew Vaughn touch.

Stuckmann particularly enjoyed these scenes, stating, ‘The hyper-stylized fights were really fun to watch, especially the one on the train that we’ve seen in the trailers.’

The film currently earns a critic score of 33% on Rotten Tomatoes and an audience score of 72%. It continues the trend of delivering action-packed and thrilling spy films.

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