Online classes make higher learning obsolete

Online classes make higher learning obsolete

Joshua Mabry

First, let me start by saying that I think that online classes are a good option for some students and I am glad that most colleges offer them. There are some students who cannot drive to campus every day to attend class in person because of other obligations, such as work. It is great that there is still an option for those people to receive an education.

However, it seems that online classes are becoming the norm at the college level and that is a scary reality. More online classes are offered every semester while fewer in-person classes are being offered. It seems that students that believe in traditional education are being forgotten.

When there is an online option for a class, that same class should be available on campus. For example, Astronomy would be a class that I would love to take. I would never consider taking it because it is only offered online at GHC. I would want to have an opportunity to take that class in-person and use the tools available through the observatory at the Floyd campus.

Taking an in-person class is much easier. A student goes to class and a professor lectures while that student engages with the professor and takes notes. They are learning from the professor as well as others in the class. If that same student took the same class online, they would have to teach themselves the majority of the information.

My hope is that colleges continue to offer online classes for those that need them and expand their options to include more on campus classes for those that still enjoy the traditional way of education.