Rosario’s Rebound: College and high school teams need support


Scott Rosario

Fall sports are back finally in many high schools around the state, which means Friday night lights, band competitions and volleyball nets being tied up.

With events like these beginning once more, it is very important to remember to make sure you still root for and cheer for your high school. Your high school years are what defined you and made you who you are today. It is only right to show a little or a lot of support for your school. It is always great to look back at where you have come from and how far you have come.

It is also a great thing to look where you are now. College sports have a bigger magnitude and there are also more sports offered as well.

At GHC, both men and women’s basketball will be starting soon. Students and alumni should come to cheer for both teams.

It does not take much to be supportive of teams. Even things like wearing high school apparel or showing up to Charger games is just enough.