Perks of having a GHC I.D.

TJ Parker

Student IDs
With a student I.D., students can receive various discounts. Photo by Lindsay Hamby

It is important for students to take advantage of student discounts that are available to them through their student I.D.

Megan Simmons, the student life coordinator at Marietta, said, “I don’t think students take advantage like they should. It’s a good way for students to take part in events that they might not be able to.”

Simmons elaborated, “Students can have discounted Six Flags ticket, they can get the password and everything they need through GHC website. They can go to places and have fun at a cheaper rate.”

Ken Reaves, the GHC Dean at Marietta, when asked why more students should take advantage of discounts with their student I.D.s, said, “They can use it for food purposes in places like Zaxby’s, students can use the B.O.B with their KSU I.D. cards, also to eat on campus in the student cafeteria.”

GHC student Kamraun Sorhaindo said, “Students should take advantage because they can use it for school and it is rewarding for staying in school.”

He is aware of some places for discounts such as the Gold Gym and Six Flags.

A short list where students’ I.D.s are useful are for the movie theaters in the Marietta area, for discounted play tickets in the Marietta Square Playhouse and much more.

Student Life has a calendar on the GHC website where students can keep up with the latest events on campus in addition to using their I.D.s for discounts on events such as trips as well as other opportunites.