Is there possibly an alternative to Google?

Is there possibly an alternative to Google?

Olivia Fortner

Here’s an open letter to my generation.

Bridging the generation gap is worth the effort. It might not be the easiest or most convenient thing, but what our elders can give us has the potential to equip and lead us into a life well lived.

It’s our job to meet them where they are. They need us, and we need them. Think about the older generations, the ones who’ve walked this earth longer than we’ve been alive. Think of all the experiences they’ve had.

In the same way you and I want to leave something great behind, they’ve spent their entire lives building a storehouse of knowledge to share with the future generations. It’s time to cultivate relationships and start building bridges.

There is information coming at us 24/7, and sometimes it’s easier to “google it,” I know. But reaching out and asking someone who’s already been through the situation could open a world of opportunities. Think of the insights they could share that google may never offer.

We don’t need them to give us the knowledge. We need them to show us the interpretation. It’s important to listen to their perspectives and to share our own insights with them.

So here’s your challenge. Start bridging the gap today. You’ll be glad you did.