Super Mario Bros. dives into the third dimension

Kevin Horan - Staff Writer


The original “Super Mario Bros.” was released in 1985. In many regards “Super Mario 3D Land” has changed the formula for the series little.

You will run and jump your way to saving Princess Peach. Fortunately, nearly three decades later it is still as fun as ever.

The game is easy on the eyes, colorful like a cartoon that has come to life. The 3D abilities of the 3DS are put to great use, and there are two alternate versions of the effect. Players have the option to view the 3D as a pop-out effect, to create greater depth, or to turn it off altogether. Fortunately, the game looks and runs wonderfully on any setting.


The game’s sounds match its graphics. The effects are appropriately cartoonish, and the music always fits perfectly with the level it’s in. Also, the music that plays during the final battle against Bowser is particularly wonderful. Both the remixed versions of the series’ classic tunes and the new songs all sound great.

The game has excellent controls, and Mario jumps when we want him to and carries momentum just like we would expect. The powerups Mario can collect provide a variety of useful powers from hovering in the air to throwing fireballs.

A useful addition to the game is that if Mario already has a power-up he is able to store another that he receives. The game makes little use of the 3DS’s touch screens however, aside from using a stored power-up.

The game is completed by reaching the end of levels where you will need to jump through obstacle courses and on enemies to reach the flag at the end of each level. The game is divided into eight worlds with several levels in each. Additionally, there are three star coins in each level which you will need to collect to unlock the final section of each world. More levels are unlocked after beating the main game which can provide a far greater challenge. On the back of the box, the game is described as “Classic Mario action with a modern twist.” That summarizes the game quite nicely. Series fans will love the game, and appreciate the new twists that keep it fresh, while it provides as wonderful an introduction to the series as any game. If you’re on the fence about whether to purchase the game, don’t be, it is undoubtedly worth it.