Special Topics classes are offered to students at GHC

Olivia Fortner

Kathy Young, math instructor. Photo by Kayley Agan
Kathy Young, math instructor. Photo by Kayley Agan

Special Topics classes are something GHC has implemented to cover Area B requirements and fill two-credit hours.

These GHXX class offerings were expanded to replace a once required Computer Studies FCCS 1100 class and are a fun way for first year students to explore different interests.

The Special Topics class curriculums (though they must meet certain criteria) are created by the professors, making them infused with the professor’s hobbies, interests and different things they find important to teach students that might not be found in another class.

These classes were offered this semester in the social science, humanities and math divisions. One particular Special Topics math class is called Show Me My Money, a GHMA 2901 class about practical money management. This class lasts only 50 minutes.

Kathy Young, who teaches this class on the Floyd campus this semester, says, “This class covers things that will help you later in life.”

Chris Hart, another math instructor, created this curriculum for an online class.

Young has tweaked it a little to suit an in-person class. To change things up a bit, she asked people from the community to come speak to her class.

VALIC Financial Advisor, Stephen Mink and Sun Trust Branch Manager, Debora Johnson have come to talk to the class so far.

During the semester, they go over credit and loans, budgeting, savings credit, interest and all of the ways these apply to an individual’s personal life.