Study Abroad for the ultimate experiental learning

Have you considered making study abroad a part of your college experience?

Derrick Whitaker did – which is how he found himself on a flight to Panama on July 28, 2019. Whitaker remembers that his group was delayed two hours due to a medical emergency – it was a relief to finally be on the plane.

“It was educational and interesting, hearing the way other cultures outside of our own live day-to-day,” said Whitaker. He recounted his walk in the rainforest enjoying the various sounds and his meet-ing with the indigenous people to learn about their way life. “The natives had trees like concrete that they carved artistically.” Of their creations, Whitaker bought a slingshot.

Whitaker’s advice to prospective student travelers is: “Do it! It may be a chokehold on your wallet or some debt, but don’t let the fear of money keep you from doing it because you won’t forget it.” Whitaker plans to return to Panama one day for leisure and to back-pack across Europe.

Bronson Long, GHC’s Director of Study Abroad, echoes Whitaker’s sentiment, “There’s nothing like being there; it’s much more experiential.”

The benefits of study abroad will largely depend on the student. A history major and an art major will have very different interests in any given location. In the 2020 trip to Montepulciano, Italy, where one would explore the thou-sands of years of history, the other would look into the same expanse of art.

Next summer, Long will be heading a trip to Great Britain. GHC has also partnered with Kennesaw State University for a trip to Montepulciano, Italy. USG Goes Global recently added Germany, Portugal and Vietnam to its roster.

Knowing a foreign language is never a requirement for study abroad. However, in Great Britain, a student can experience a place of historical and cultural significance without a language barrier. According to Long, every GHC program will include a project to complete. In Great Britain, the project will be to write journal entries on each event.

All study abroad programs allow students to take courses related to the culture. In Montepulciano, Italy, the student will choose a morning and afternoon class from a range of subjects in any combination. Students may take courses such as World Literature, The Arts in Society, Principles of Public Speaking and Travel Writing.

The price of the trip to Great Britain will be $3,800 and the dates for the trip are May 20 through May 30, 2020, says Long. The Consortium programs will cost $5,400 with the trip to Italy taking place June 25 through July 30, 2020. The higher price accommodates for month-long stays. These trips are no small investment but do not need to be paid out of pocket as student loans and grants can be applied.

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Photo contributed by Bronson Long
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Photo contributed by Bronson Long